Science education professional Adam Stefanile is naturally drawn to the physical world. Supplementing his more than a decade of experience teaching the sciences, he contributes his talents as a science tutor for the Brooklyn chapter of The Salvation Army.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science from New Jersey City University, Adam Stefanile accepted a position as Test Coordinator for the Discovery Program of the College of Staten Island. In this role, his responsibilities included preparing Regents Examinations for New York State. Overseen by the Office of Assessment Policy, Development, and Administration, the High School Regents Examinations are a mandatory part of any secondary educator’s certification. Groups of New York teachers, assembled by subject, are responsible for developing the tests.

During this time, Adam Stefanile joined the Geo-Science Department of New Jersey City University as a College Assistant Teacher. His lectures centered on physical science and geography. As a biology and earth science teacher at two Jersey City high schools, Henry Snyder and Lincoln, he imparted lab techniques to his students through both hands-on and lecture examples. Concurrently, Adam Stefanile offered his services as a private tutor to New York City-area college students, assisting them in such subjects as genetics, physiology, and anatomy. The latter two topics included training in pneumonic techniques.

After receiving his Master of Arts in Secondary Education of Science from the College of Staten Island in 2009, Adam Stefanile accepted a position as a Science Teacher for The Smith School, a well-respected independent high school in New York City. In keeping with the institution’s varied delivery options, he catered his instruction to students’ modes of learning. Stefanile soon gained a promotion to Head of the Science Department; in this capacity, he divided his efforts between administration and education.


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